At the core of Gleason Bison is a deep love, appreciation, and respect for the American Bison, a passion and commitment to have a positive impact on our environment, and a deep connection to the people of our community.  The desire in all our management decisions is to weave the relationship of the animals, the environment, and the people together resulting in an intimate knowledge of where your meat comes from and the essential role of the animals in creating a healthy ecosystem on the land. 


At Gleason Bison we believe that 100% grassfed animals is best.  Bison are designed to digest plant forage in their rumens and turn this forage into the healthiest, tastiest protein possible.  Not only is this the best, most natural, and healthiest way for the animals to live and eat, but it’s also the healthiest for humans as well.


Capturing, loading, and trailering bison to a processing facility is stressful.  To avoid this stress on the animal and give them a stress free and dignified death, we harvest the animals on their home and in the field.  This avoids the harmful effects of the cortisol stress hormone on the quality of the meat, but even more importantly, it is the best way to honor the animals.


Healthy soil creates healthy vibrant forage and productive rangelands and pastures.  This in turn creates healthy vibrant bison. It also results in healthy nutritious protein for our families.  It all begins with creating the conditions that foster health for the billions of microbes in our soil.  Gleason Bison practices Holistic Management, using the framework to make decisions that result in healthier soil, healthier animals, and healthier people. 

Holistic Management, developed by Allan Savory, is a decision-making framework that is useful for managing anything complex, such as land, livestock, and business.  Holistic planned grazing, a component of this management, allows for the consideration of the many factors that play a role in healthy land, livestock, and animals.  Sarah Gleason had the privilege of working with both Allan Savory and the Savory institute for multiple years, learning, studying, and visiting holistically managed operations around the globe.  Gleason Bison practices this holistic approach in all decisions regarding the operation. For more information on Holistic Management, visit Savory Global